See below for a gallery of works in progress too!

  • Blocks #20 Nature’s Walk & #21 Sweet Candy - I had a great time relaxing and doing the embroidery on Natures Walk.. Sweet Candy was a 1-2-3 done thing and fun too 🙂
  • The Splendid Sampler – Caught up… - It’s just been a little crazy around here.. traveling, working, allergies, quilt classes.. here is The Splendid Sampler Blocks #11, and #14-#19 all done and now packed away in an ugly shoe box because I haven’t the time or energy
  • The Splendid Sampler – Flickr Album -
  • The Splendid Sampler Block 13- Scrap Stars - This was lots of work, but all along the way it was measuring where I needed it to be!! Another block I am thrilled with the final, color and points.. I found that if I wait a little and look
  • The Splendid Sampler Block 12 Checkerboard - Easy to do this adorable little thing. The fussy cutting drove me mad though and even though I thought I was spot on with my seams I came up a tad short on this one.. a little finessing, lots of
  • The Splendid Sampler Bonus Block Just for You - Some time ago I would have kicked and screamed, maybe even done a bit of whining about the process of machine or even hand applique.. Over the past few weeks I’ve done both.. several times in fact between Pat Sloan’s
  • The Splendid Sampler Block 10 – Iowa - Wow.. fabric picking was fast and easy, cut once no errors, starching well before I cut as the directions stated. I made a conscious decision to finger press all the seams open and not press again with the iron until
  • The Splendid Sampler Block 9 – Local Quilt Shop - Love, Love, Love – for some odd reason I have been attracted to “house” and “building” blocks. This was a simple block to make.. I pieced it on “Barbara” the Featherweight because I know where that scant 1/4″ is on
  • The Splendid Sampler – 7 Snug as a Bug - I absolutely adored doing this block. It took me a while to get to it because I wanted to try the textile medium with water based acrylic paints like Jane had used. I bought primary colors: red, blue, yellow and
  • The Splendid Sampler Challenge #1 -

And now, a smattering of images from our Flickr page.. in progress, with some finished pics as well!

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