Some time ago I would have kicked and screamed, maybe even done a bit of whining about the process of machine or even hand applique.. Over the past few weeks I’ve done both.. several times in fact between Pat Sloan’s The Splendid Sampler and my BOM kit Gingerbread Village.

The general consensus today is – well, I like it 🙂 Applique is not something I want to do day in and day out by any means, but as touch here and there to dress up or enhance the project, well I’m just dandy with it 🙂

Let’s take today’s little project of a The Splendid Sampler bonus Block Just For You by Pat Sloan for example. Quick easy and stinkin’ adorable if you ask me! (Yea I trimmed the block just a tad off center.. I’m OK with that too!)

Bonus Block Just for You
Bonus Block Just for You
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The Splendid Sampler Bonus Block Just for You
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